Multimedia journalist Pierre Crom, a native of France born in 1967, has been a resident of the Netherlands since 1987. He pursued his education in Photographic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After years of studio work, Pierre made a notable transition into photojournalism with an award-winning photo series in Israel / Palestina in 2004.

Since then, Pierre has devoted himself to intensive documentation of political, geopolitical, and social issues. His portfolio includes coverage of topics ranging from uranium enrichment in Iran and the Israel-Palestinian conflict to demonstrations in France and the refugee crisis in Europe. Pierre collaborates with prominent international photo agencies such as Getty Images, ANP, and Hollandse Hoogte. His work has found publication in both Dutch and international media outlets.

Pierre's documentation of the Ukrainian war, which commenced in 2014, captures pivotal historical moments, including the Russian occupation of Crimea, the downing of flight MH17 (recognized with the Zilveren Camera, the Dutch prize for Photojournalist of the Year), the creation of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic, the battle for Debaltseve and Russia's violations of the ceasefire in Ukraine, the continuation of the war in Donbas, Russian full scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the southern frontline in Mykolaiv and Kherson in 2022, the battle for Bakhmut, the agricultural and grain crisis in Ukraine and recently the frontline in Zaporizhzhya. His visual research, presented in the form of a photo book titled "War in Ukraine," offers an intimate portrayal of a nation where socio-economic grievances erupted into conflict.

Beginning in 2015, Pierre embarked on the "" project. In 2020, Pierre initiated a collaborative effort with digital designer and artist David Veneman. Supported by media partners and grants, they developed the multimedia project "" aimed at investigating various forms of influence exerted by the West and Russia in Europe.

In October 2023, he shared the Vienna Film Prize for the best Austrian film with director Juri Rechinsky for the documentary film "Signs of War."

* Print, Online Publications: NRC, Trouw, Le Parisien Magazine, Le Monde, Newsweek, Volkskrant, Politico, Time, Het Parool, The Guardian, Vice News, Linda Nieuws, The New York Times, Le Figaro Magazine, Mashable, Newsweek Japan, NOS, AD, Washington Post 

* Media appearances 2014 - present:

RadioFM4 (AUT),  VPRO / ARGOS (NL), BBC (UK), Radio 1 (NL), BNR radio (NL), Radio Svoboda (RU), NPO Radio 1 Bureau Buitenland (NL), Den Haag FM Media Mix (NL), NPO Radio1 Kunststof (NL), Omroep West (NL).

TV: Nieuwsuur (NL), NOS (NL), SBS6 MH17 Special (NL), Eva Jinek (NL), WNL vandaag (NL), KRO/NCRV Brandpunt Reporter (NL), VRT Reyers Laat (BE), TVP1 (PL).

Print, Online:  Het Nieuwsblad (BE), Focus Magazine (UA), Pf Fotografie Magazine (NL), HBvL (BE), NRC (NL), Jan Magazine (NL), Reformatisch Dagblad (NL), 7Days (NL), Villamedia (NL)

Other: BBC Facebook Live (UK)

* Partners: Getty Images, ANP Photo, Hollandse Hoogte

* Films:

2022: Signs of War, 80', directed by Juri Rechinsky and Pierre Crom

2020: Subjectio, Belarus 8'01

2020: Subjectio, Bosnia and Herzegovina 7'07

2020: Subjectio, Moldova / Transnistria 8'05

2020: Subjectio, Montenegro 8'32

2020: Subjectio, Serbia / Kosovo 7'38

2020: Subjectio, North Macedonia 8'09

2020: Subjectio, Ukraine 7'37

* Awards & Honours:

2023: Vienna Film Prize, Best Austrian Film, Viennale 2023 (AT)

2023: Honorable Mention, International Documentary Films Competition, NNW International Film Festival (PL)

2023: Zilveren Camera 2nd International News & Documentary Series (NL)

2021: Zilveren Camera 2nd International Documentary Series (NL)

2021: Zilveren Camera 3rd Regional News Single (NL)

2018 Finalist Prix Roger Pic (FR)

2018 Zilveren Camera 3rd International Documentary Series (NL)

2018 Zilveren Camera 3rd International News Series (NL)

2017 Zilveren Camera 3rd International News Single (NL)

2015 Zilveren Camera Award, Photographer of the Year (NL)

2014 Zilveren Camera 2nd International News Single (NL)

2011 Zilveren Camera 2nd Domestic Documentary Series (NL)

2015 Finalist Shorty Awards News & Media (USA)

2005 Zilveren Camera 1st International Documentary (NL)


2024: Signs of War, Cine Culture (USA)

2023: Signs of War, Nancy International Film Festival (FR)

2023: Signs of War, Kino Vod Club

2023: Signs of War, Vimeo

2023: Signs of War, Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film (AT)

2023: Signs of WarKrakow Film Festival (PL)

2023: Signs of WarInternational Human Rights Film Festival Albania (AL)

2023: Signs of War, NNW International Film Festival (PL)

* Lectures:

2023: Signs of War, Cinema Leokino, Innsbruck (AT)

2021: Masterclass Subjectio in Texel (NL)

2020: De Facto Live in Amsterdam (NL)

2018: Unicef Next Gen in Paris (FR)

2018: Thinking Planet in Utrecht (NL) 

2016: Uitgelicht in Zwolle (NL)

2015: VVOJ Conference in Courtrai (BE)

2015: Zilveren Camera in Hengelo (NL)

* Exhibitions:

2023: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Museum Hilversum (NL)

2021: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Museum Hilversum (NL)

2018: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Museum Hilversum and outdoor (NL)

2018: 'Vereeuwigd' group exhibition Domkerk Utrecht (NL), Natlab Eindhoven (NL)

2017: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Museum Hilversum (NL)

2015: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Photo Museum The Hague (NL)

2014: #occupygezi group exhibition Rencontres Prix Bayeux Calvados (FR)

2014: Zilveren Camera group exhibition Photo Museum The Hague (NL)

2005: "Illegal" solo exhibition gallery Animaux (NL)

2005: Photo Breda outdoor exhibition (NL)